M.S., Clarkson University B.S., Frostburg State College

• First Athletic Director (part-time), 1967-1972
• First men’s soccer coach, 1967
• First men’s track coach, 1968-1969 (record of 5-16)

Carl came to FCC in 1966 to teach math, and had no idea he would get involved with athletics. During his tenure at FCC, in addition to Athletic Director, he served as Assistant Professor of math, Director of Student Services, and Director of Student Activities. He started the first athletic teams, hired the first coaches, helped with plans for the FCC Field House, baseball and track fields.

“Education consumed Carl’s entire life beginning with grade school, continuing through college and into his career. He touched many lives with his calm, convincing style as a teacher, college administrator, and mentor, and through his educational consulting. He was a member of the Naval National Reserves.

After his retirement in 1995, Carl enjoyed serving his community in a number of ways, traveling, reading, playing tennis, and enjoying his family and friends. Carl loved his morning walks with his dog Emmi, boat rides on the lake where he and Richelle lived, fishing and hunting, and most of all spending time with his grandchildren. He also enjoyed spending time with his many friends at Camp Kanawha.” Published in the Frederick News Post on

August 12, 2012.
Charlie Luttrell, a colleague at FCC, reminisced about the last time he saw Carl: on the tennis courts in Frederick
playing with an oxygen pack on his back. Carl is also remembered for the valuable assistance he provided to the College during times of federal financial aid regulation changes.