Cayley Ruane 2017

Cayley Ruane 2017

Name: Cayley Ruane
Year: Sophomore
Sport: Women's Lacrosse
Position: M
High School: North Hagerstown
Hometown: Hagerstown, Md.   

The best part about being a student-athlete at FCC is: The athletic community, being surrounded by so many amazing people makes it all the more fun.

What I like about Coach Lenta and the coaching staff: Coach Kim and the rest of our coaching staff feel like family.  They are incredibly supportive, and make it clear that they want what's best for me on and off the field.  Coach Kim is always there for support any hour of the day.  She has helped me tremendously when it comes to decisions involving both my academic and athletic career. 

I'm looking forward to most this season: More opportunities to learn about myself and the game, traveling, and creating new friendships by getting to know the girls better. 

I chose my uniform number because: #22 has been my number in sports since I was 12. I actually wanted #24 because that was the same number as Louis Robitaille, he used to play for the Hershey Bears. I settled for #22 and it's been my number ever since. 

My pre-game superstition: I don't know about a superstition, but I always like to eat bagels as my pre-game meal. Cinnamon raisin all the way. 

My most memorable moment as a lacrosse player: In high school when I made the varsity team as a freshman. I had never played lacrosse before that tryout. 

My favorite activity outside of lacrosse is: Hiking and camping.

My most prized possession is: I'm not really into material things too much, so my family for sure (Shay Shay ;)) 

My favorite game to play when I was in elementary school was: Four square, I was always the champion. 

The one talent I wish I had: I envy those who can sing and dance. 

 Favorite food: Pizza

If I didn't play lacrosse I would play: Ice hockey

My dream job is: An athletic trainer 

One unique thing about me is: I have my motorcycle license ;)

Favorite musical group or artist: A favorite is tough, but RHCP is where it's at.