Meghan Proctor 2017

Meghan Proctor 2017

Name: Meghan Proctor
Year: Sophomore
Sport: Softball
Position: Outfield
High School: Oakdale
Hometown: New Market, Md.   

The best part about being a student-athlete at FCC is: Representing my school and enjoying the sport I've always loved.

What I like about Coach Baer and the coaching staff: They always look at for us as player, they are tough on us because they believe in what we are capable of, but also like to make the game fun.

I'm looking forward to most this season: Making the most of what may be my last season playing college softball and playing the game with some very talented teammates.

I chose my uniform number because: It has been my number since I started playing ball.

My pre-game superstition: Do not step on the foul lines and do not cross the bats in the dugout…its bad luck. 

My most memorable moment as a softball player: One of my favorites was last season when my team and I defeated a team that everyone thought would have beat us.

My favorite activity outside of softball is: Going to the beach

My most prized possession is: Either my phone or a quilt made from all my old softball jerseys.

My favorite game to play when I was in elementary school was: Wiffle Ball or Kickball

The one talent I wish I had: I wish I was a faster runner. 

Favorite food: Chicken Alfredo

If I didn't play softball I would play: Basketball

My dream job is: To be a Behavioral Analyst for the FBI

One unique thing about me is: I have 4 brothers and I am the only girl.

Favorite musical group or artist(s): Florida Georgia Line & Sam Hunt