CJ Mackinson 2017

CJ Mackinson 2017

Name: CJ Mackinson
Year: Sophomore
Sport: Baseball
Position: Infield
High School: Century
Hometown: Sykesville, Md.  

The best part about being a student-athlete at FCC is: 

Getting the chance to continue my playing career at the next level while still taking classes and furthering your education. Also, the support and recognition you get around campus and in the community is something special.

What I like about Coach Bennett and the coaching staff:

Coach Bennett and the rest of our coaching staff are all good mentors that help us better ourselves on and off the field. They also do a great job of putting us in the right situations to transfer out and play at the next level if that is something that we desire.

I'm looking forward to most this season:

Our trip to Florida at the beginning of our season and getting the chance to redeem ourselves in playoffs.

I chose my uniform number because:

#8 was actually my second choice. I originally wanted #13 because that has always been my family's lucky number, but since that was taken my freshman year, I decided to go with #8. Growing up Cal Ripken Jr. was always my favorite player and he was #8. 

My pre-game superstition:

The only pre-game superstition is that if I had a good game my last time out, I try to eat the same breakfast and do the same things the morning of the game.

My most memorable moment as a baseball player:

Getting $100 from my little league coach for hitting a walk-off homerun when I was 12. Before the inning he pulled out a $100 bill and said he was going to give this to anyone that can end the game with a homerun. I was the second batter up that inning and hit a walk-off homerun to left field. When I got back to the dugout, he was waiting there with the money for me.
My favorite activity outside of baseball is:

I love going to the gym and getting to spend time with friends.

My most prized possession is:

My autographed baseball signed by Cal Ripken Jr.
My favorite game to play when I was in elementary school was:


The one talent I wish I had:

I wish I could sing and dance because I am terrible at both.
Favorite food:


If I didn't play baseball I would play:

Probably football

My dream job is:

Every baseball player dreams about making it to the Big Leagues! If that doesn't work, I would love to be a manager at Under Armour.

One unique thing about me is:

Though I really want to, I have never left the country.
Favorite musical group or artist:

Chance the Rapper