Dajah Gee

Dajah Gee

Name: Dajah Gee
Year: So.
Sport: W Basketball
Position: G/F
High School: Frederick
Hometown: Frederick, MD

The best part about being a student athlete at FCC is being able to focus on my studies and sports at a healthy balance.

What I like about Coach Henry is his dedication to his team.

What I am looking forward to this season is excelling on the court and improving my all-around game.

I chose my uniform number because everyone in my family wore the number 21.

I actually don’t have a pregame superstition, because I don’t believe in superstition. I believe in God.

My most memorable moment in basketball was playing in the local recreational league as a six year old. Our team name was Michigan, and about four of my cousins were on the team with me. We played in a playoff game against another team that had about three of my other cousins on the team. We lost, but we all went and had pizza after.

My favorite activity outside of basketball is watching TV series and Romantic Comedies.

My most prized possession is my collection of notebooks. I started writing scripts at age eight and have kept all of them in notebooks. I’ve collected them ever since.

The one talent I wish I had is tumbling.

I have many favorite foods, but I love guacamole.

If I didn’t play basketball I’d be focusing on film studies in Atlanta, Georgia.

My dream job is a screenplay writer and actress.

I don’t have a favorite artist o musical group, but I like pop and hip hop music.

Next up for me after FCC is hopefully school in Atlanta to study film so I can focus on that career path.