Katelyn Atchison 2017

Katelyn Atchison 2017

Name: Katelyn Atchison
Year: Freshman
Sport: Volleyball
Position: OH
High School: Dothan
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale  

The best part about being a student athlete at FCC is that it's a very social life. While you are preparing for a game or something you are always meeting other student-athletes and inviting them to the games to get the crowd cheering.

What I like about Coach Landis is that he has helped me become a better volleyball player. Even though we are in the middle of our season, I have improved a lot. I'm very thankful to have him as my coach. I couldn't imagine anyone else better. I love Coach Char! She always has me laughing while helping me. When I get frustrated or down she checks on me and makes sure I'm alright. She gives me tips on the court that are very helpful and I'm thankful to have her on the coaching staff.

What I am looking forward to this season is to make it to Nationals and bring home a ring. Also, to improve and become a better volleyball player.

I chose my uniform number because I have been #1 several times before and I think that number suits me. I like that number because to me it's a dominant number and it's much known.

My pre-game superstition is that I don't eat unhealthy food before a game, I have a pack a fruit snacks before every game, and I pray right before the game.

My most memorable moment in volleyball was my senior year in high school and the other team was serving to us and I passed the ball with my foot. The other team thought that the play was over but then we got the point. I will never forget that.

My favorite activity outside of volleyball is going to amusement parks and working out.

My most prized possession is the ring my mom bought for me for my birthday, and my gymnastics medals that I won over the years.

My favorite game to play when I was in elementary school was when we had relay races.

The one talent I wish I had was to sing.

I have many favorite foods but I love pasta, cheeseburgers, and bread.

If I didn't play volleyball, I would do gymnastics and dance.

My dream job is to be a Sports Agent.

My favorite artist is Ottis Redding and Sam Cooke.